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WorXsiteHR's cost containment strategy all starts with HealthWorX. HealthWorX is an ERISA and Section 125 compliant healthcare plan for lower wage workers, part-time and seasonal employees, that is no cost to both employee and employer – while also generating a substantial FICA tax savings. The program uses both the tax savings from the plan's Section 125 status and a tax-free donation from a certified 501(c)(3) non-profit to meet the no-cost objective. In addition, for all of its HealthWorX clients, WorXsiteHR provides FREE access to our proprietary business system integration software, HRX®. HRX® includes Human Capital Management functions such as benefits administration and enrollment, ACA compliance and reporting, HRIS, applicant tracking, time & attendance. But we don't stop there. The HRX® system includes integrated payroll, scheduling, accounting, inventory management, point-of-sales, and insurance. HRX® was developed on the principle that in order to effectively compete and win in today's marketplaces, while maintaining compliance with all of the ACA rules and regulations, as well as all of the existing labor laws affecting Human Resource professionals, a company must have access to one totally integrated system that can offer the functionality and security to assure both compliance and reliability. Only HRX® offers this level of integration.

To see how much you can save with a HealthWorX implementation, click HERE for the Savings Calculator.

Our Executives

Dr. John Zabasky MA, MBA, PHD

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Our fearless leader loves tech and building systems. When he's not in front of a computer, he's either one of his boats, playing golf, working out, or smoking a fine cigar! John has over 20 years in IT, focusing on database and system architecture. Somehow, somewhere, he found time to play a professional sport, pile up four degrees, run a hedge fund, and finally start WorXsiteHR... thank goodness!

Sharon Rowell


Ms. Rowell has over 25 years of experience in operations and finance. She was the President of SoftEx Staff Leasing, a tech-driven PEO that assisted hundreds of companies and thousands of employees since 2003. Prior to that, she was a nationwide leader in sales with Fleet Mortgage for 9 years and she has extensive experience creating new industry relationships and managing clients. Ms. Rowell is also a cancer survivor, whose story was the major stimulus behind the founding of the HealthWorX Plan. She is an unyielding advocate for those without access to proper healthcare and an inspiration to all of us.

Oscar Bautista

Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Bautista is responsible for assuring the successful performance of the company's business mission through development and advance preparation of the company's web presence. Mr. Bautista’s role also includes foreseeing the company's service offerings as a web-based business, execution of the latest web-based technologies and advance planning for future risks and growth.

Stas Vaysberg

Director of Operations & Implementation

Stas is responsible for client-side services such as payroll, benefits administration, and customer service. A dedicated husband and father, Stas likes deep sea fishing, riding his Yamaha FJ-09 and play soccer.

Brigitte Vaysberg

Manager Benefits Administration & Implementation

Brigitte is responsible for communications between worksite (pun always intended) employees and the various forms of communications within the HRX system. This includes: call center, web apps, online, and whatever other forms of communication we come up with to throw her way!

Colby Nelson

Manager of Insurance Services

Colby has been with WorXsiteHR since 2014. Prior to his start at WorXsiteHR, Colby always had an interest in helping people. After achieving his Firefighter 1 Academy Certificate, his dream of becoming a firefighter soon evolved into helping people through a position at WorXsiteHR. Seven years later, with strong knowledge of the healthcare industry and experience with high level strategic partnerships, Colby’s personal mission is to ensure that all WorXsiteHR clients receive the highest possible standard of healthcare at a reasonable cost… or no cost! He has created his own motto in life: ”Share the Wealth and Share the Health”, which he bears out by providing the HealthWorX Program to thousands of workers across the country!

Dr. Diana McCosham MD

Medical Director, Xtension Health

Dr. McCosham is responsible for ensuring the efficient operations of the TeledocX and Xtension Health subsidiaries, while constantly trying to improve the quality of patient care. As a medical doctor, she understands the importance of carrying out a healthy lifestyle and is constantly trying to promote patient wellness. When she is not taking care of others, she enjoys outdoor activities such as jogging, hiking, kayaking, reading non-medical books or enjoying a good, HEALTHY meal with ONE glass of wine.

Harold Chuhlantseff

Vice President, Sales

Harold has over 30 years of experience in insurance, and helping clients secure their future with solid programs in workman's compensation, general liability, and health insurance. A former professional golfer, Harold spends his spare time with his kids, on the course, or with his dogs.

Brian Garber

Manager of PEO Services

Brian has forty-six years experience in the Insurance Industry and has focused on PEO's, Captives and Staffing. He has been married for 33 years, with two adult children. In his spare time, Brian is a Coach and Board member for Local Charities that provide tutoring and mentoring to disadvantaged children.

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