WorXsiteHR's all-in-one, free health, benefits, and payroll management solution for large and small employers gives your team a single place to manage all your human resource needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the payroll service within the HRX system cost?

It's free. There is also NO charge for your year-end company filings, or W-2s or 1099s. So our total fees each year average 100% less than that of ADP or Paychex, or well... anyone. Our mission is to make payroll administration services available to all businesses at no cost, and to raise the bar so high that no other company is able to compete.

How do you train off-site or remote employees?

The same way we train local employees... free. We set up on-line training sessions both at commencement and throughout the year as needed and at no charge.

Do employees fill out onboarding paperwork directly through the program?

Yes. However, they can also complete their onboarding process via our multi-lingual call center.

Are HRX and its free payroll services available in all states?

Yes. HRX and its payroll services are available in all 50 US states.

What data or information is the client responsible for providing during implementation?

We provide you with a census template and a benefit plan template. Some fields are required while others are not. You are responsible for providing accurate data. As the saying goes: 'garbage in, garbage out'. Clients are also responsible for disseminating the information and materials we provide for processes like Open Enrollment, legal posters, garnishments, court orders, etc.

What is WorXsiteHR responsible for during implementation?

Everything else!

Are clients able to export data without contacting WorXsiteHR?

Yes. All output pages that contain data summaries include export functionality to excel and CSV.

Does HRX offer employee file storage in the program?

Yes. Many organizations take advantage of our Document Repository to store unlimited documents.

Can clients offer and run training programs (Safety, Harassment, etc.) through your HRX?

Yes. You can run actual programs through HRX or upload videos that employees can be required to view.

Since HRX is free, does that mean it is self-service?

Absolutely not. With HRX, you will recieve outstanding, full-service support from our multi-lingual call center for every service including payroll, benefits administration, onboarding, and all HRIS functions.

Do I need to wait until the end of a quarter to start with HRX?

No. Although new quarter starts are ideal since other vendors often don't play nice with departing clients, we are able to take on new clients at anytime throughout the year.

How do I know my taxes are paid on-time and correctly?

Although you are ultimately responsible for entering accurate data and reviewing tax deposits and forms prior to submission to federal and state agencies, we guarantee 99% accuracy. If you receive any notices from the IRS or other taxing agency, we'll work with you to resolve the issues.

When are tax monies deducted from my account?

All funds for a current payroll, including tax monies, are deducted from your authorized account typically one day prior to the check date.

What about direct deposit?

Also free.

Can I print checks onsight from multiple locations?

Yup. No problem. As many as you want.

Who do I call when I have a question?

Unlike some 'other' service providers, you can always count on your assigned Service Representative to get answers for you. You'll have access to an entire team... even online videos and real-time chat. But it is comforting to know that you have th luxury of reaching out to one designated individual.

How much time do I have to approve payrolls?

Although this varies according to your bank, most banks require you approve and submit payroll by 2pm PST, two business days before your employees are paid.

What type of Insurance do you offer?

WorXsiteHR is both a licensed Insurance Broker and licensed Third Party Administrator for health and life products such as: medical, dental, vision, life, and numerous voluntary products such as accident and critical illness. We are also a licensed broker for property & casualty products such as: workman's compensation, general liability, and other lines.

What if I like the insurance coverages we already have?

No problem. You will simply complete what is referred to as a Broker of Record letter to allow WorXsiteHR to begin servicing your account.

You offer so much. But for instance, what if I want all of your services EXCEPT payroll?

No problem. Our proprietary technology allows us to integrate with any other payroll platform. Once a payroll file is uploaded to HRX, the system operates just as though we were doing your payroll... without printing payroll checks of course!

How long does setup usually take?

The entire setup process usually takes about 2 weeks. Honestly, it only takes us a few hours but getting the data from your Human Resource department usually takes a bit longer. Once you've returned all the necessary paperwork, you can process payroll within five business days and pay employees within seven business days. For certain emergency situations, we can offer 'Express Enrollment'.

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