Healthcare today presents enormous challenges. You are just one step away from being introduced to the HealthWorX Healthcare Program.

The HealthWorX plan is a comprehensive, Section 125 (pre-tax) plan and is no-cost to both employee and employer. We offer the plan primarily to lower income employees and their families. In just the last four years alone, we have donated over $100 million in our attempt to make sure adequate healthcare is available to everyone.

The HealthWorX plan was designed primarily to cover full-time employees who opt out of major medical and part-time employees averaging 16+ hours per week. For these workers, our plan is often their only realistic option.

The plan not only covers medical and hospitalization, but also accident, critical illness, life insurance, wellness, and telehealth. These benefits are a game changer when it comes to hiring and retaining the best employees for your business. What is more, because the plan is a Section 125 plan, employers gain a significant tax savings of $20-$25 per participant each month!

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