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Because the HealthWorX plan is a bonifide Section 125 ('Cafeteria') plan, it is considered 'pre-tax'. This means that every participant in the plan will net the employer an average of $20 - $25 per month in FICA savings!

It's well known that healthcare premiums are one of the largest costs for employers. The HealthWorX plan can be stand alone for those employees that cannot afford, or simply opt out, of major medical. Or for those employees with major medical coverage... why not both?

HealthWorX can take a large load off of your current primary healthcare plan by covering primary care office visits, urgent care office visits, telehealth, and generic prescriptions through GoodRx. Since, at renewal, premiums are directly tied to annual claims made against your primary plan, having employees enrolled in both can result in considerable savings.

Besides being no cost to both employee and employer, the best part is we do the heavy lifting for you. All that is required from you is to let us know who’s in and who’s out each payroll period.

Click on the image and video below for more information on how it works:

So now are you wondering how much a HealthWorX implementation can add to your bottom line on an annual basis? Just type in the number of W2 employees your company has, who work 20+ hours per week, and you'll see. It's hard to resist.

Number of employees working 20+ hours per week:

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